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Tom trained at Central School of Ballet. On graduating he joined K-Ballet Company in Japan before returning to the UK to take up a contract with English National Ballet and embark on a freelance career. Most prolifically Tom became the third of Channel 4’s Ballet Boyz (with William Trevitt & Michael Nunn), before taking on the role of Billy’s Older Self in the multi award-winning West End musical Billy Elliot.

In 2009 Tom left Billy Elliot to pursue a teaching career and shortly after became a full-time member of the Ballet Faculty at Bird College. Tom left Bird College after being offered the post of Head of Dance at Bodywork Dance Studios but opted instead to take on the role of Head of Graduate Performances at Tring Park. Tom continues to work as a freelance teacher for English National Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and most of the UK’s major awarding bodies, dance schools and colleges.

Tom works closely with the British Ballet Organisation where he is involved in syllabus development and has also worked with the Royal Academy of Dance where he created the major level solos for the Genée Challenge competition and was also part of the Continuing Professional Development Working Group. 

Tom has a degree in Dance and Culture from the University of Surrey, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Greenwich and has recently been asked to become an examiner for the British Ballet Organisation. He was also short-listed for the directorship of the Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET)

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