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Matthew Linecar-Boulton, co-founder and Artistic Director of Dancebox Studios, is an established performer and dance teacher. Matthew has recently retired from performing after a 14-year career that included appearing in a staggering 8 West End shows. Alongside performing Matthew has taught at many of the UK’s top vocational dance colleges and held the title of Head of Jazz at the OFSTED highly acclaimed Bodywork Dance Studios, Cambridge.

Matthew started dance classes at a young age studying all aspects of dance. Aged 16, he successfully auditioned for the Northern Ballet School’s vocational course in Manchester. He graduated with 5 teaching qualifications with the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, passing all at distinction level. He also sat written papers in Child Psychology, Anatomy of a Dancer and Ballet History. Being a firm believer that the best dance teachers hold not only formal teaching qualifications but also have on-stage experience, Matthew felt that he should pursue a performance career. This decision led to him dancing at Buckingham Palace for HRH The Queen, on cruise ships, in pop videos, pantomimes and an 11 year run in London’s West End, gathering a staggering 8 West End credits including Magic of the Musicals, Fame, Tonight’s The Night, Starlight Express, Mary Poppins, Desperately Seeking Susan, Wicked, and We Will Rock You. His greatest achievement whilst working in London was a 3½ year run as dance management for Arlene Phillips in We Will Rock You.

Alongside being a sought after performer, Matthew continued to teach at various vocational colleges both across London and nationwide, including the home of the Royal Ballet School, White Lodge. He is regularly asked to lecture and choreograph for graduating students and is highly regarded as the key ingredient to many students’ success who go on to enjoy fulfilling performing careers themselves. Previous graduates under Matthew’s training are now appearing in Mamma Mia, Dirty Dancing, Thriller Live, Moulin Rouge and hundreds of cruise ships all over the world. Matthew’s most recent teaching qualification was awarded by the British Ballet Organization in recognition of his experience & knowledge and the benefits that this would bring to their syllabus delivery.

Theatre credits: Dance management and Swing in We Will Rock You (Dominion Theatre, West End); Chistery in Wicked (Apollo Victoria Theatre, West End); Desperately Seeking Susan, understudy Jay and Alex (Original cast, Novello Theatre, West End); Footloose, as alternate Ren McCormack (UK tour and Playhouse Theatre, West End); Mary Poppins (Prince Edward Theatre, West End); Starlight Express, playing Purse and understudy Caboose (Original cast, UK tour); Tonight’s the Night understudying Bonehead and Travolta (Original cast, Victoria Palace Theatre, West End); Fame understudy Nick Piazza and Goody (Aldwych Theatre, West End) and The Magic of the Musicals (UK tour and Palladium Theatre, West End). He was also offered roles in Cats, Sinatra, Chicago, Grease and High School Musical.

Teaching: Matthew has held the position of Head of Jazz at Bodywork, Cambridge. He has also taught at Bird College, Urdang, London Studio Centre, Tring Park, Pineapple Dance Studios, Mountview, MADD, Millennium and for the BBO Scholars Programme.

Recordings: Tonight’s the Night (Original cast recording)

Television: BBC’s Party in the Palace; Blue Peter; Disney Club; Nickelodeon and Children in Need.

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