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Laura Blomfield

Laura knew she wanted to pursue a career in dance after her first professional performance as a child in 99 Heyworth Street, at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

At 16 years old, Laura studied a two year BTEC course in Dance and Drama and a Diploma in Variety and Entertainment at the Liverpool Theatre School. She was then awarded a full scholarship for a further three years and completed a diploma in Professional Musical Theatre which was topped off with a showcase at The Criterion Theatre in London’s West End.

Since graduating Laura has performed in various pantomimes as Dance Captain including Dick Wittington, Cinderella, Jack And The Beanstalk, Aladdin, and Beauty And The Beast.

Laura was Assistant Choreographer and Ensemble in Herr Benny at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

She has performed as a Singer / Dancer at Oakwood Theme Park; Center Parcs Whinfell Forrest; A luxury hotel resort in Greece; A large number of productions around the UK; And on various luxury cruise line’s around the world.

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