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Kat Bates

Kat graduated from LIPA with a BA Hons in Performing Arts – Dance.

Following an international tour of Alan Harding’s ‘Sprit of the Dance’ Kat went on to perform for Holland America on their world cruise and also managed the production as Dance Captain. Other theatre work has included Little Shop of Horrors for Kate Prince’s Zoonation, Romeo & Juliet the Musical at the Piccadilly Theatre and choreographer/dancer for Rufus Wainright’s UK tour performances.

Kat worked extensively in the commercial sector with artists including Beverley Knight, Fat Boy Slim, Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp and Basement Jaxx and also with companies such as Nike, Adidas, Toyota, L’Oreal and Rimmel. Kat has extensive experience in TV & Film and has worked with world renowned choreographers including Kim Gavin, Ashley Wallen, Kevan Allen and Bruno Toniolli.

Kat completed a PGCE (with QTS) in Dance Teaching at the Royal Academy of Dance and has many years of teaching experience, both in the private and state sectors. Most recently, Kat has been working with Darcey Bussell writing a school curriculum based on Darcey’s DDMIX fitness programme.

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