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Gemma Whitelam

Gemma trained at the Royal Ballet School and Laine Theatre Arts.

Gemma has held the role of Assistant Choreographer to Karen Bruce for the last 3 series of Strictly Come Dancing. She also assisted for the 2013 Royal Variety Performance.

Theatre Credits: Sinatra (Palladium, West End), Dance Captain and Swing in Dance Til Dawn (Original UK Tour and Aldwych Theatre, West End); Swing in Jersey Boys (Prince Edward Theatre, West End); Swing and Assistant Dance Captain in We Will Rock You (Dominion Theatre, West End); Swing in The Wedding Singer (Original UK Tour); Swing in Rent (Duke of York’s Theatre, West End); Swing in Desperately Seeking Susan (Novello Theatre, West End); Assistant Dance Captain, Ensemble and understudy Wendy, Jo and Urleen in Footloose (UK tour and Playhouse Theatre, West End); Ensemble and understudy Frenchy and Marty in Grease (UK tour); Ensemble/Swing and understudy Serena, Lambchops and Iris in Fame (Aldwych Theatre, West End); Footloose (Original UK tour); Brandy and understudy Candy in Oh! What a Night (UK tour).

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