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Emma Houghton

Emma started dancing at the age of 3, training in ballet, tap and modern in Milton Keynes. She attended Arts Educational School, Tring Park from 11-19 and trained in all aspects of dance, drama and singing. During her training she gained her ISTD teaching associates in Ballet, Modern and Tap. Emma also graduated with her RAD Solo Seal Award and was a finalist in the Adeline Genee Awards.

During her professional performing career Emma toured the UK with Adonais Ballet Company for 1 year before going on to perform the lead ballet role ‘Spirit’ in Alan Harding’s production of ‘Spirit of the Dance’ touring the world for 4 years. Emma has also appeared as a dancer in the Thursford Christmas Spectacular and has appeared in several pantomimes for Qdos across the uk.

Emma was an original cast member in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the London Palladium (West-End) and appeared in the production for 2 years. She has also been a vocal soloist with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and her T.V Credits include Children in Need, Blue Peter and This Morning.

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