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Adult/Hen Dance Parties

Whether you want to shimmy like Shakira, bevel like Beyoncé or have the time of your life like Baby, our instructors will soon have you tearing up the dance floor in our exclusive VIP dance studio! Dancebox Studios offers themed VIP dance experiences for all ages and abilities. Taught by friendly instructors in a luxury setting, our fun and relaxed dance parties are jam packed with moves to turn your special occasion into an unforgettable party experience! We’ve listed some of our most popular themes below but if you don’t see what you’re looking for then don’t worry we’ll create a bespoke party just for you! Classes start at just £25 pp including a complimentary arrival glass of fizz and a themed 60 minute dance class in our exclusive VIP dance studio! So gather your hens, grab your feathers and get ready to watch your friends and family create unforgettable shapes you never thought possible! Popular themes include: Beyoncé, West End Stage, Pop Video, Thriller, Vintage, Burlesque, Strictly, Bollywood, Urban, Ballet

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