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Cassie Rogers – Thriller Live, West End

Matthew gave me the knowledge and technique to be the creative artist I have become. He gave me the confidence I never had and gave me so much inspiration to follow in his footsteps to the doors of the West End. I had the opportunity to learn about the performance industry before I entered which has helped me in making life-changing decisions.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Matthew for all of the hard work and time he has put into me personally, you have created passion, determination and now I know that dreams really do come true as long as you put in the hard work, high kicks and triple pirouettes.

Charlotte Field-Jones – Moulin Rouge, Paris

"Matthew taught me through my years in training. His incredible skill as a dancer and teacher helped me master the jazz technique, which is fundamental in the musical theatre industry. The thing I have to thank Matt for the most is that he introduced me to the world of being a showgirl. He gave me my first solo in a showgirl piece he choreographed and taught me how to dance with elegance and confidence. Without Matthew's teaching and guidance during my training I would not be the dancer that I am today."

James Alexander Gibbs – Mamma Mia, West End

I first met Matthew when he took over my Jazz classes in my 2nd Year of college at Cambridge Performing Arts. The progress in my overall dance ability dramatically improved straight away. Matthew gave me the discipline I needed to pursue a career in Musical Theatre and his training provided me with the technique I needed to get through auditions and acquire professional work. He is a great teacher and friend who after securing me an audition for the show, I even had the pleasure to work alongside in the West End production of We Will Rock You.

Jennie Slade

This place is fab! I attend Commercial and  my son Ethan tried Little Stars this morning and loved it! We are so lucky to have this place in MK!!

Vicky Wilson

Great classes, studios and friendly and helpful teachers. Kids and I are loving our time spent there.

Litsa Contell

AMAZING!! Gorgeous studio, excellent teacher, music, classes. Loved every minute and cannot wait to get back! Anyone thinking about joining... DO IT!!!!

Jonathan Cordin – Matilda, West End

Matthew's classes have a reputation of pushing each dancer to achieve their personal best. Alongside the practical side of his classes, Matthew has an extensive knowledge of the business and would pass on his experiences to us giving us a greater understanding of the performing world. He knows what is needed to be a success in the industry.
Matthew encourages his dancers to master the core elements of each genre of dance. This allowed us to go on to have a great understanding of technique and then concentrate on style.

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